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Year 3 News

Butser Ancient Farm

As part of their History topic, Year 3 recently visited the excellent Butser Ancient Farm. They got the chance to experience how life would have been for people in ancient times. Pupils had the opportunity to build fences, dig on an archaeological dig and much more. Check out the photos below to see their wet but fun day. We have also included some of the children's work that was generated as a result of the trip.


Q:  What was your favourite activity and why?

A:  I enjoyed all the activities, so i can't really say which was my favourite.  I think it was chalk carving because I loved the way that when you scrapped it and how you dyed it.  I liked chalk carving because you could draw a picture with the flint once you have dyed it green using a dock leaf.

Q:  What else did you see?

A: We saw loads of other things including pigs, fields, a canoe, trees, huts, goats, grass-land and flint.  I was stunned at first sight.  I was really eager to explore.

Q Would you recommend visiting and why?

A: Yes I would.  I would recommend visiting, because it is such a pleasant place to be and it is very educational.

Q: How many stars out of 5 would you give it?

A: I would give it 5 out of 5 stars because it is really lovely and it is the most amazing place to visit. You will enjoy visiting Butser Hill because we all had the best time.  IT was great.

Pearl Kainth (Riley Class)


We got onto the coach and went to Butser Farm.  We first went to see the Stone Age long house.  The Stone Age long house has an animal skull on the front.  In the long house we talked about the Stone Age and we learnt about the food they ate, what they lived in, what they hunted and what they used things for.  My favourite thing was when they showed us the tools the Stone Age people used and the decorations.  My group then went to do some Archaeology which is when you find ancient things.  I found roman mosaic tiles, chalk, an oil lantern, some metal from a car and flint.  My favourite part of the day was when we played in the sheep pen and when we saw the half made wicker man.  Butser is a nice place to go.  I would give it 5 stars.

Charlotte Pearson (Riley Class)

First we came into school and Mrs Street took the register and then we lined up to get in our places on the coach.  When everyone was clipped in we started our journey to Butser.  It took about 45 minutes to get there but when we did, we started learning some simple facts about the Stone Age.  We were put into groups and started our first activity.  We met back up for lunch in he big hut and sat on benches or skins, then we did 2 more activities.  At the end of the day we got back on our coaches, drove back to the school to get ready for the end of the day.

Lacey Porter (Riley Class)

On 22nd March we went to Butser Hill farm.  We had to wear old, warm clothes.  Then we came out of school to get on the coach.  We we were on the coach we played eye-spy with our friends.  When we got to Butser the staff gave us some information and told us about what they used in the Stone Age like flint, animal horns and we looked at pictures on the wall.  We did the jewellery making and made spiral rings made out of copper.  We found out that bronze is 10% tin and 90% copper.  Then we did wattling.  What is wattling?  It is were you build walls with hazel branches and afterwards we stood on them to show how strong they are!  The girls won the competition!

Anthony Laux (Riley Class)