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Year 5 Trip to Marwell Zoo - Reported by Yusif Amin, Hollie Glasspool and Ailsa Turner. 

Breaking News - Three intrepid reporters from Year 5 headed to Marwell Zoo in search of creatures from the Rainforest! 

As part of their Go Brazil Nuts topic, Year 5 children have been learning all about different creatures and their habitats, in particular the rainforest and its various layers. To enhance their learning the children had a visit to nearby Marwell Zoo and as you can see from the photographs, they got pretty close to some of the animals, large and small, some very small, so small infact, that you might have to look very hard to see them in some of the photographs.

Roving Digital Reporter Ailsa kept a record throughout the day and also took some of the photographs on this page to show how much fun the children had whilst learning about the the animals, "Most of the penguins were on land but a few of them were swimming. On the running track I got to see how fast I could run in comparison to a cheetah. We visited the animal classroom and we got to touch a stick insects and a snake." 

The children got to experience the Tropical Centre. This houses lots of creatures which live in a tropical climate such as the leaaf cutter ants and different varieties of lizard and turtles. 

Back in the open air the animals were coming thick and fast, flamingoes, buffalo and even hippos, although that was quite difficult to see because it was hiding in a corner. On the way back to the coach the children managed to see a tapir eating. Very exciting. 


A big thank you to all of the adults who helped to organise and run the trip on the day, a fantaastic opportunity for the children to be able to put some of their classroom learning into context. 


After an exhausting day with the children, the animals all had a lie down...