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Year 6 Trip to IBM Festival of Innovation

A few Year 6 pupils visited IBM in Hursley following an invitation to attend this year's Festival of Innovation.  

A 3D printed r2d2!

There were many stalls set up for pupils to experience a range of projects currently in development at IBM. The 3D printed r2d2 certainly captured their imagination, apparently its wheels are on the way!

A Foosball table connected to the Internet of Things. They played this a lot.

The pupils saw loads of great projects ranging from fish tanks connected to lights which would change colour depending upon the weather at a given location to a helmet that measured force impact. Needless to say the students all enjoyed whacking 'Bob' the Builder! 

Bob being whacked
Machine Learning is child's play! 

The children even got to experience machine Learning with Dale, one of IBM's Watson programmers and had a tour of the IBM Museum in the basement. They got to see lots of machines that were familiar to their teachers when they were at school!