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Stoke Park Junior School

Achieving Excellence

Year 5 News

Out of this World

We had an out of this world trip to Winchester Science Museum as part of our Space Topic in Year 5. The children got to experience the new area developed to look like the inside of a well-known movie spaceship.

The new zone contained lots of great displays, which helped to expand their knowledge and understanding of our Solar System. The hands on exhibits included a model of a black hole, a thermal imaging camera and a model to show the effects of gravity on different planets. 

After lunch the pupils had a session in the planetarium. The guide gave the children an in-depth tour of the night sky before they took a trip around some of the highlights of the galaxy.

A workshop focussing on light with practical activities followed with a great demonstration on the light spectrum. It wasn’t long before they came back down to Earth and the coach back to school arrived to collect them.