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World Book Day 2019

The theme of this year’s World Book Day was ‘share a story’ and our children certainly did that today. They enjoyed an exciting assembly, exploring how to make choices when selecting books, and were inspired by listening to an author’s experience of gaining a love of reading. All the children and staff made a fantastic effort with their costumes and it was wonderful to see the buzz this created around the day. Staff then shared their favourite book and children were able to choose the one that they wanted to enjoy. Throughout the day, the children enjoyed a variety of different activities linked to reading and are hopefully now inspired to use their book token and begin an exciting adventure with a brand new book! 

I think I have finally found him, her, them...

With so many great children's books available to read, it was clear to see that our students had a really diverse taste in books. Some chose classic characters familiar to all readers whilst others chose more unusual creations. See if you can recognise some of the costumes. 

This one looks very well trained...
I'm guessing that case is full of marmalade sandwiches. 


She'll have a few spoonfuls in that large bag. 



A bad hair day or is he under the worst spell?


Staff just can't wait for this day to come around every year! 



I "wonder" who he is meant to be...



Her "mummy" will be happy with that awesome facepaint! 
This character is boxing clever.