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Stoke Park Junior School

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Year 6 Great Science Share

The Great Science Share

As part of the national Great Science Share event recently, six of our Year 6 pupils were invited to attend Southampton University to take part in a special day of science related activities. The pupils had to showcase a science experiment. Our pupils investigated the impact that robots can have on human emotions. 

They listened to a talk about how batteries work and how the resources used to make batteries cab be separated out and reused due to their finite nature. They all got to crush some batteries in a fearsome battery crushing machine. 

The children then watched a presentation by a scientist who taught them all about cryogenics and things as cold as -197 degrees. 



The pupils had to present their experiment to other schools and also investigate what experiments other schools were presenting themselves. 

They had an attempt at making their own batteries using 2p coins, paper and lemon juice. They created the highest voltage out of all the schools on the day a whopping 16.8V. 

A tour of the campus followed and the children were incredibly fortunate to see the Student Formula car being built. It is designed, built and raced by the university students. 

Next they visited a very strange room. An anechoic chamber. Created to completely deaden sound waves the room was very eerie and odd things happened. They also visited an echo chamber to experience the opposite effect. 

Last on the tour was the University wind tunnel. Due to be visited the next day by the GB Cycling team to test out their new bike, the children got to hear all about how the tunnel works and all the famous people that have used it to test various equipment.  

You may be wondering about their experiment...

The pupils built a robot to test if someone was a human or an alien and then recorded the emotional response of the vict...patient. Here are their results.