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WhatsApp Guidance and Tips

WhatsApp Guidance and Tips 

With an increasing number of children using WhatsApp in contravention of WhatsApp's own Terms of Service (which states users should be 16 years of age), it is paramount that actions are taken to ensure that if your child does use WhatsApp, they use it in the safest way possible and WITH YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND CONSENT. 

WhatsApp's own Terms of Service changed last year and now state that users should be 16 years of age in order to agree to their terms, this was introduced in light of a law change regarding the data collected from children's mobile devices. Essentially, WhatsApp changed their own terms in order to help protect children and comply with the change in the law to stop companies USING CHILDREN'S DATA.

By clicking here you can read all about how to help set up your child's device as safely as possible if you feel it is essential that they use WhatsApp. 

We would also urge you to look at our Online Safety Page on a regular basis for more tips and advice. We would like to thank you for your continued support in providing our children with the tools and knowledge to stay safe in the modern world.