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Stoke Park Junior School

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Weekly Wonders are a themed learning resource designed to be used over several sessions based around a topic or the development of key musical understanding and skills

This week’s Keep Calm and Make Music instalments are:

Weekly Wonders:

  • Discovering the Musical Dimensions KS1
  • Discovering the Musical Dimensions KS2

These are both very substantial resources with seven discrete sections, one for each of the musical dimensions ending with a quiz at the end. Each section has a "finding out about" page with a definition, vocabulary and links to a video clip to find out more. The next one or two slides in each section have fun activities to play and do. The idea is to do one or maybe two dimensions at a time rather than all in one sitting!

Advisory note to parents: we wanted to make you aware that both of these powerpoints have links to carefully chosen resources on youtube however we are not able to control the adverts that may sometimes appear at the start of a clip or comments  written underneath.    

Each of these is in power point format so you simply need to "load, click and go". 

We hope you enjoy sharing these with your children.

We are delighted to also include the second of our Singing Assembly Sessions with our Lead Vocal Practitioner, Nick Duncombe. 

No preparation needed just follow the link, press play, warm up your body, warm up your voice and sing!

HMS Virtual Singing Assemblies - Week 2

Other resources you may like to look at

BBC Ten Pieces At Home - Activities & Interactive Workshops  - week 2