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Stoke Park Junior School

Achieving Excellence


Literacy is the combined skills of reading, writing and oral language.  The teaching and learning of literacy skills is of key importance in our school as English underpins all aspects of the curriculum. Careful and thorough planning provides our children with a programme of learning in speaking and listening, reading and writing as laid down in the National Curriculum.

In order for our children to be both independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and for meaning, we ensure that there is the opportunity to experience a wide variety of genres, both in class through reading and writing lessons and for pleasure through our well-stocked library and classroom book corners. The books are chosen carefully for their content and appeal and ensure that Stoke Park has a rich “book culture” which further develops the pupils’ love of reading.

Pupils are provided with frequent and varied opportunities to write. Sequences of English use high quality texts so that children can learn from different authors and styles of writing, mimicking both their structure and style. Texts are broken down so that pupils understand the mechanics of writing: the grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and sentence structure. Teachers share and model writing which helps children to nurture their fluency and creativity. The children edit and improve their writing throughout the writing process by the individual child, as well as receiving input from peers and teachers.  Children are taught to edit their work for grammar, punctuation, spelling and effect on the reader. Throughout the year, children are given the opportunity to apply their skills to an independent write.