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Stoke Park Junior School

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Remote Learning 2021-22

Information for Parents 2021-22

Guidance from the Department from Education regarding remote learning has changed. Schools are expected to provide work to children who are 'not physically unwell' - ie. they have COVID but are deemed, by their parents to be well enough to work. Therefore, work must be provided by schools. 

How much Remote Learning will be provided?

At Key Stage 2, the intention (as before) is for work to be for a minimum 4 hours per day, and it is 'planned & well-sequenced, with timely & frequent feedback and no reliance on long-term projects'. 

What if my child has COVID, but is not physically unwell?

The intention is that work will only be provided by class teachers for children who are well enough to complete it. This also means that work may only be needed for part of their absence from school.

If a child does not initially require Remote Learning, the school office team will ask parents to contact school if and when this changes, so work is not sent when it is not needed. 

If you have any questions about this, please do contact the school office