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Stoke Park Junior School

Achieving Excellence

School Council

The School Council at Stoke Park is actively engaged in improving the quality of life for students who attend our school. Lower down the page we have listed their aims. During some of their sessions this year. They have been helping to design a new school mural, creating imaginative outlines for a memorial garden for Stoke Park's long serving teacher, Mr. Chamberlain, who sadly passed away recently and they can also be seen discussing rules near the new section of the Timber Trail.

Recently they have been looking at British Values and the characteristics required to be a good pupil. Below you can see some of the colourful posters they created which are now on display around the school. 



  • To make the school a better place for pupils and teachers  
  • Help to make school more enjoyable and fun, so that all pupils are happy  
  • Bring ideas to the Council from all children in school  
  • Help ensure the school runs smoothly/works well  
  • Make decisions about what to do, and what to buy, to make the school better  
  • Give children the opportunity to get involved, be good role models and take on a responsibility  
  • Help make rules
  •  Ground Rules
  • Be on time  
  • Bring your folder, pencil and anything else that you have been asked to bring  
  • Don’t get upset if your ideas are not accepted  
  • Be democratic  
  • Listen to all ideas and be selective about what you bring to the school council  
  • Listen to others ideas and children in class  
  • Involve everyone in class  
  • Respect each other’s ideas  
  • Maintain confidentiality  
  • Be sensible  
  • Represent the class and bring their ideas even if you don’t agree  
  • Support every even if you don’t agree  
  • Be honest and trustworthy  
  • Follow-up meetings as instructed  
  • It’s ok to change your mind  
  • Take turns to talk