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Ethos, Aims & Vision

“Achieving Excellence “


Our Vision

The Governors, Headteacher and staff of Stoke Park Junior School are committed to offering our children a wide range of experiences which are designed to lead them to intellectual independence, flexibility of thought and personal confidence.  While helping children to achieve their own potential, we place great value on having consideration for other people, for being polite, helpful and lacking in prejudice. These are highlighted through our school values of RISE – Respect, Inspire, Safe and Engage.


With the active participation and support of parents we aim to provide an environment which will allow all the children to develop lively and enquiring minds, to acquire knowledge and to derive real enjoyment from learning.

Children, staff and parents work actively in partnership to enable all children to realise their full potential.



Our aims 

  • Provide a challenging and stimulating environment for learning within a caring community, enabling all children to achieve their personal best.
  • Provide clear principles which are firmly based on the moral way of life, through our school values of RISE – Respect, Inspire, Safe and Engage.
  • Provide a caring, supportive, safe and secure environment in which all individuals are valued and listened to.
  • Provide all children with a wide range of challenging learning opportunities, which make full use our well-resourced school and extensive grounds.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle where all children enjoy good physical and mental health.
  • Develop a spiritual, social, cultural and economic awareness through links with their local, national and global communities.


"This school provides a nurturing, positive environment for my daughter to flourish" Ofsted 2019

Stoke Park Junior School - Values

Our school 'RISE' values of Respect, Inspire, Safe and Engage are the 'pillars' to all we do at Stoke Park Junior School for both children and adults.


Each value underpins our behaviour system, which is based on a positive and restorative approach and enable us to actively support and develop our pupils ability to regulate their emotions. Based on the work of Paul Dix, the simplicity of our values ensure consistency amongst all adults within the school community and where all pupils are recognised for effort not achievement.