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Meet Our Staff

Leadership Team 

Head Teacher - Mrs Allison Jenkins  (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Caroline Grist (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Year 3 Teaching & Learning Leader - Mr Russell Purchase

Year 4 Teaching & Learning Leader - Mr Andy Steels

Year 5 Teaching & Learning Leader - Mrs Kiara McCarthy 

Year 6 Teaching & Learning Leader - Mr Matt Bristow


Inclusion Team 

Head Teacher - Mrs Allison Jenkins 

Inclusion Manager - Mrs Amy Ayling

Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead - Mrs Amy Ayling  (Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead)

SEN Administrator - Mrs Julia Palmer (Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead)

Governor - Mrs Laura Freeman


Administration Team

Business Manager - Mrs Judith Young

Administrative Assistant - Mrs Polly Brierley

Administration Assistant - Mrs Mary Bevan

Library and Resources Manager - Mrs Alex Laughlin

Site Manager - Mr Ben Sayers


Year 3 Classes 


Class Teachers - Mr Simon Brook


Class Teacher - Miss Emily Ranger  


Class Teachers - Mrs Sarah Richards and Mrs Amy Inyang-Gray

Year 3 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Kristy Warren

Mrs Taz Holland

Miss Lucy Spake


Year 4 Classes 


Class Teacher - Miss Emma Jenkins


Class Teacher - Mrs Charlotte Wright


Class Teacher - Mr Andy Steels  


Year 4 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jane Winchcombe 

Mrs Naima Doolan

Miss Zoe Walker


Year 5 Classes 


Class Teacher - Mrs Kiara McCarthy


Class Teachers - Ms Maddie Humphries and Mrs Amy Kemp


Class Teacher - Miss Catherine Barker

Year 5 Teaching Assistants

Mrs Emma Steele

Mrs Louise Haysom

Mrs Julie Atkins



Year 6 Classes


Class Teacher - Miss Becky Pratt


Class Teacher - Miss Emily Airey & Mrs Vicky Gill


Class Teacher - Mr Matt Bristow


Year 6 Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Karen Whitecross

Mrs Julie Dominey

Mrs Michelle Shepherd


Cover Team 

Cover Manager - Ms Michelle Gibson

Mrs Karen Whitecross

Miss Lakota Clothier



Mrs Sally Thomas (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs Karen Whitecross


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Mary Bevan

Mrs Jayne Lund

Mrs Tracey Trinder

Mr John Isaac

Mrs Denise Unwin-Rowe

Mrs Anne Harris